2018 iF 디자인 어워드 모션그래픽 디자인 본상 / 2018 iF design award motiongraphic design prize


퇴진의 영순위와 도둑놈 패


2018 iF 디자인 어워드 / 모션그래픽 / 본상


도트컴퍼니가 두 번째로 IF 디자인 어워드에서 본상을 수상하였습니다.


The Most Likely Resigner


2018 iF design award / motion graphic / prize


A crime took place in Korea that set fire to people’s hearts.

It was the political scandal of the Park Geun-Hye government where civilians

including Choi Soon-sil masterminded governmental policy and decision making.

Koreans resented the affair, and large-scale candlelight rallies began calling

for the resignation of the president all over the country. We believed that

the power of writings in this era could call many people together in the squares.

We wanted that each letter would be shown to people as a voice of fury.

Therefore, we made a kinetic typography music video to ask people to participate in the

fifth candlelight rally.


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